Do you use turned parts? Have you considered all the options?

Let's suppose that for years your turned parts have been produced on autos or even manual capstans - no doubt to your satisfaction in the past. Today, the climate's different... Competition is tougher and as the Single European Market draws nearer and you know things will become harder still, have you even wondered if there may not not be a more efficient and cheaper way?

Would it not be sensible to see what other options may be around?

For example, what about cold forming? It could be a more cost - effective method of producing some (or all) of your turned parts. How can you find out whether cold forming is for you or not? Easy! Just contact Bond Engineering (Turned Parts) Ltd. We will give you a straight answer!

We are honest enough to admit that not every component can be cold formed, but those that can (and we can tell you which!) will give you savings of at least 30% in time and up to 60% material cost - and maintain quality too!

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